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Delicate Gun Cleaner, does not dry out your gun like some not dedicated products like brake-cleaner etc.

Should be used in combination with Xtreme No Rust and the specialy developed for each type of gun Xtreme Ceramic Gun Lube.

Simple to use. Take your pistol apart and just spray on the dirty parts and let it work in to remove the grease and dirt, spray some more to wash it off, let the gun dry, after a short time the dry gun can be sprayed with a mist of Xtreme No Rust, wipe off excess. Now you are ready for the next level, lubing your gun with the Xtreme Ceramic Gun Lube.

500 ml spray

Flammable: Cannot ship by air or outside the EU.  Due to air shipping regulations some solvents and CLP liquids cannot be shipped internationally.